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Flower Ideas for the next wedding or special occasion.

(also known as Peruvian lily)

-- These flowers have small, bright blooms that grow in clusters and often have freckled petals. These wonderful flowers are avaliable year round in many differrent colors.

Calla Lily

-- This blossom originated in Africa and symbolized "magnificent beauty" to the Victorians. There are two types of Calla Lilies: a large or miniaturere.

-- These flowerrs can be found year round. They also come in a variety of colors such as ivory, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, or dark burgundy.

-- The Calla Lily has four different meanings: gardor, magnificent beauty, feminininity, and modestisty.


-- Don't turn up your nose at the common carnation ... this long-lasting flower is full of possibilities for weddings. The ruffled-heads look offers an inexpensive way to bring lushness and color to bouquets and arrangements.
-- Carnations have a long history; they were reportedly used to make ceremonial crowns in ancient Greece.

-- Today, more than 300 species (in large, single blooms and miniature spray varieties) are available year round in every color imaginable. And they also have a lovely sweet clove like scent.

-- The meaning of carnations are: admiration, fascination, strong and pure love, and unfading beauty.

-- There over a thousand varieties of this long-lasting, versatile mum. The mum originated from the Far East where it has been cultivated for more than 2,500 years.
-- These flowerrs can be found year round, with its peak in lat summer and fall. It comes in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, green, orange, russet, red, and burgundy.

-- The meaning of mums are: cheerfulness, optimism, long life, and joy.


-- Shakespeare and Wordsworth both created rhapsodies about this humble bulb flower. Perhaps it is so well liked because its merry yellow bloom is one of the first to appear after winter's frost subsides.

-- The daffodil is a flower of true variety -- blooms can be single or multiple, with large or small cups, in solid colors or in combinations of white and yellow with touches of orange.
-- It can be found in November-April, coming in white, yellow, apricot, or orange. Daffodil's have a clean sweet scent.

-- The meanings of this flower are: regard, respect, chivalry, and gracefulness.


-- Dahlia's have a long histry. Conquistadors found the dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and it caused a sensation when they brought the flower back to Europe. As the dahlia gained popularity, the pursuit of its potato like tubers was conducted with intrigue and deception ... dahlia tubers were reportedly stolen even from the garden of the Empress Josephine!
-- They can be found from Summer to Fall in white, yellow, orange, pink, red, or purple. Dahlia's have sweet/spicey scent.
-- It means gratitude, dignity, and forever thine.

Dutch Tulip

-- These tulips are widely available and should not be overlooked. Tulip's have a versatility and wide range of colors make it a wonderful flower at weddings.

-- These kind of tuplips have shorter stems and smaller blossoms and are avaliable November-May. They come in almost every color with a sweet scent to compliment.

-- It's meaning is a declaration of love, honest, happy years, and memory.


-- The green buds clustered along the thin, arched stem open gradually into delicate flowers. Freesia has a fresh, fruity scent and is avaliable year round. It also comes in most common colors.

-- It's meaning is innocence.


-- Surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia exudes a very sultry and heavy scent. It was this intoxicating fragrance that captivated an English sea captain traveling through South Africa in 1754, prompting him to bring home one of the native plants as a souvenir.

-- This expensive and delicate flower with creamy ivory petals can bruise easily, so handle with care.

-- These lovely flowers are avaliable year rorund and come in an white/ivory color.

-- This fragrant flower means transport of joy, ecstasy, I love you in secret, purity, and peace.


-- This graphic flower is so flawless in its form that it almost doesn't look real. They are grown in the hottest climates of Asia and Africa and are avaliable year-round gem.

-- They come in a crayon-box range of colors -- nearly 350 intense shades are available.

-- It means: needing protection or friendship.

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