Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just because we are a Basketcase....

Doesn't mean you have to be!  Really we can think of nothing worse than a disappointed bride (well maybe a room full of angry hyenas).  And when we have to look at a glowing bride (or groom!) and tell them their dream bouquet of lily of the valley and ranunculus just won't happen in October, we can really feel their pain.  While there are many wonderful flowers that are available year round (gerberas, lilies, roses, stick and twigs, oh my!), there really are limitations to certain key flowers that we all love.  Typical spring flower really are only available in spring, peonies have a very limited season (only May-June!), and the ever traditional lily of the valley is really only available early spring.  So if there is a must have flower on your list, plan accordingly. Want spring flowers, have a spring wedding!  Like fall colors, celebrate in September.  Love is everlasting, unfortunately flower seasons are not!  Here is a good guide for when flowers are available and when in doubt give us a call!

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