Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sustainable Love.....

Ahhh the plight of today's florists and retailers around the world. Bombarded with questions of sustainability, quality and affordability it can almost be impossible to buy anything. As florists especially, we think about this everyday. Farmers from around the world supply us with their harvests weekly. They plant and plan for months (years even) just to get ready for Valentine's. They are really in control of our success (wire and floral tape can only go so far)! So we have always had a commitment to these people, buying and selling socially responsible beauty!
Veriflora and FlorVerde are signs that we look for to ensure that the both the earth and the farmer benefit from our investment. These certifications keep our greatest values in mind quality and sustainability. So loose the guilt trip of buying yet another thing made in China and join with us to invest in
farmers and families from right here in Oregon to South America and make her (or him) smile!

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